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For more information about the Department of Criminal Justice, History, and Social Sciences, contact Joe Morris, 103 Kyser Hall, 318.357.6967,

Director and Staff

Joe MorrisDepartment Head
Room 103 Kyser Hall
(318) 357-5499
Lanay BaldridgeAdministrative Assistant
Room 301 Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6195
Melissa TurlingtonAdministrative Assistant
Room 103 Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6967

Criminal Justice Faculty

Jack AthertonUnified Public Safety Administration Coordinator
Room 343B, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6850
William FlanaganAdjunct Instructor
Marianne GiorlandoAdjunct Instructor
Sharon GreenAssociate Professor
Room 343D, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-5982
Frank HallAssistant Professor
108-B, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-4571
Michelle HolcombAssistant Professor
Room 343H, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-5706
George LangeAssociate Professor
Room 108-A, Kyser Hall

Dr. Mark MelderHomeland Security Coordinator
Room 108-D, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6682
Stephen MorrisonAdjunct Instructor
Timothy PardueAdjunct Instructor
Ralph PetersAdjunct Instructor
K. Jacob RuppertAdjunct Instructor
William 'Bill' SexsonAssociate Professor
Room 343E, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-4638
Bill ShawAssociate Professor
Room 343F, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6928
Shirley Snyder, J.D.Criminal Justice Coordinator
Room 301B, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6963
Dr. Donald StewartAdjunct Instructor

History & Social Sciences Faculty

James CastleberryAdjunct Instructor
Dr. Susan DollarAssociate Professor
Room 347A, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-5504
Dr. Christopher Gilson Assistant Professor
Room 345-E Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-5494
Jeff GirardJob Title
Dr. Greg GrangerProfessor
Room 347-D, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6256
Dr. Pete GregoryProfessor, Curator
Room 116, Kyser Hall
Phone: 318-357-6687

Dr. Tommy HaileyProfessor
Room 137-A, Kyser Hall
Phone: 318-357-4453

Dr. Kent HareProfessor
Room 343G, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6858
Dorothy JonesAssistant Professor
Room 345F, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6849
Latricia KyleAdjunct Instructor
Dr. James MacDonaldAssociate Professor
Room 347C, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-5503
Dr. Hassan MarzoughiAssistant Professor
Room 345D, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6849
Dr. Charles PellegrinAssociate Professor
Room 347E, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6496
Dr. Dean SinclairProfessor
Room 201 Kyser Hall
Phone: 318-357-5492
Dr. Jeff SmithHistory Coordinator
Room 347-B, Kyser Hall
Phone: (318) 357-6848
Dr. Kathleen SmithProfessor
Leesville Campus, Room 550
Phone: (337) 392-3112
Jana TiefenwerthAdjunct Instructor

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