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Jobs & Career Opportunities

What Careers are Available to Me if I major in:

Law Enforcement & Intelligence
Uniformed Officer
Traffic Officer
Sheriff or Chief of Police
Highway Patrol Officer
Fish and/or Game Warden
Community Relations Officer
Community Police Officer
Fire Marshal
Arson Investigator
Environmental Conservation Officer
Futures Trading Investigator
Park Ranger
U.S. Capitol Police Officer
U.S. Park Police
Federal Special Agent*
Federal Arson Investigator*
Federal Criminal Investigator*
Federal Intelligence Officer*
Military Intelligence
Security Guard
Retail Loss Prevention
Private Investigator
Forensic Science
Crime Scene Investigator
Crime Scene Analyst
Information Technologist
Crime Lab Worker
Forensic Crime Scene Investigator
Clandestine Service*
Security Service*

The Courts
Court Coordinator or/Administrator
Court Clerk
Pre-sentence Coordinator
Court Recorder
Victim/Witness Assistance
Pretrial Services Officer
Child Support Division
Investigator for an Attorney
Court Bailiff
Court House Security

Correctional Officer
Classification Officer
Prison Industries Coordinator
Education Coordinator
Substance Abuse Counselor
Job Training
Parole Officer
Probation Officer
Case Manager
Day Reporting Officer
Electronic Monitoring Officer
Community Service Coordinator

Other Employment Opportunities
Criminal Justice Research
Criminal Justice Planning/Policy Development
Criminal Justice Journalist
Insurance Investigator
Postal Inspector
Public or Private School Compliance Officer
Personal Security (Bodyguard)
Home/Company Security Consultant
Child Protective Services
Income Support Division
Airline/Airport Security
Sky Marshal

*Such as FBI, DEA, ATF, NSA, INS, Border Patrol, U.S. Marshal Service, Customs, IRS, CIA, Secret Service, U.S. State Department, etc.

Much of the above “Job Employment Opportunities” information taken from College to Career: A guide for Criminal Justice Majors by Barbara Peat, Pearson A and B Longman Press (2004).

The current Occupational Outlook Handbook clearly demonstrates the need for not only more Criminal Justice Professionals, but for better prepared applicants for entry into federal, state, and local Criminal Justice Agencies.

State & National Data Concerning Job Opportunities

The students who complete a baccalaureate degree or an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice have a large number of career choices directly related to their major. Please download the following file to see a list of job opportunities for Criminal Justice graduates.

Job Employment Opportunities

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The GEO Group[/fusion_toggle]

The Northwestern State University Master of Science in Homeland Security (HS) is designed to provide an analysis and understanding of the emerging challenges of globalization and our “new world order,” transnational security issues that present global implications; informed theories, regarding the causes and control of International and Domestic Terrorism; the identification and interorganizational characteristics of terror groups and transnational organized crime; an appreciation for the sensitive balance between constitutional issues and homeland security; network security, cyberwarfare, cyberforensics, and countermeasures; the significant challenges of intelligence analysis, executive leadership, diplomacy, rationality, and ethics; counterterrorism, covert operations and advanced criminal investigation; and conflict resolution, intervention strategies, and de-escalation.
Homeland security consultants
180 Thousand people that work in the field of Homeland security
Chiefs of Police
Training coordinators
Private Security
Military personnel
Private citizens concerned about their safety
Occupational Health and Safety Specialists
Education Administrators
Labor Relations Specialists
Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists
First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers
Health and Safety Manager
Safety Specialist
Safety Consultant
Corporate Safety Director
Environmental Health and Safety Manager
Loss Control Consultant
Loss Control Representative
Risk Control Consultant
Compensation Analyst
Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources Analyst
Personnel Specialist
Benefits Analyst
Benefits Specialist
Benefits Administrator
Benefits Manager
Human Resources Generalist
Compensation Benefits Specialist
Office Manager
Team Leader
Customer Service Manager
Customer SErvice Supervisor
Office Supervisor
History Teachers, Postsecondary
Art, Drama and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
Area, Ethnic and Cultural Studies Teachers, Postsecondary
Geography Teachers, Postsecondary
Philosophy and Religion Teachers, Postsecondary