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Books Available for Review

Please contact our Book Review Editor to review one of the books available below:

Baldwin, Cinda K. Great & Noble Jar: Traditional Stoneware of South Carolina. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4616-8.

Bennett, Evan P.  When Tobacco Was King:  Families, Farm Labor, and Federal Policy in the Piedmont.  University Press of Florida.  978-0-8130-6014-6.

Bishir, Catherine W. Crafting Lives: African American Artisans in New Bern, North Carolina, 1770-1900. University of North Carolina Press. 978-1-4696-0875-4.

Broadwater, Jeff, and Troy L. Kickler, eds.  North Carolina’s Revolutionary Founders.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5120-0.

Browning, Judkin, and Timothy Silver.  An Environmental History of the Civil War.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5538-3.

Browning, Robert M., Jr.  Lincoln’s Trident:  The West Gulf Blockading Squadron During the Civil War.  University of Alabama Press.  978-0-8173-1846-8.

Burnet, Katharine A., and Monica Carol Miller, eds.  The Tacky South.  Louisiana State University Press.  9780807177891.

Cartwright, Keith. Sacral Grooves, Limbo Gateways: Travels in Deep Southern Time, Circum-Caribbean Space, Afro-creole Authority. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4599-4.

Chirhart, Ann & Kathleen Ann Clark. Georgia Women: Their Lives and Times.  University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-3784-5.

Christensen, Rob.  The Rise and Fall of the Branchhead Boys:  North Carolina’s Scott Family and the Era of Progressive Politics.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5104-0.

Clabough, Casey, ed.  Women of War:  Selected Memoirs, Poems, and Fiction by Virginia Women Who Lived Through the Civil War.  Texas Review Press.  978-1-937875-49-7

Coggeshall, John M.  Liberia, South Carolina:  An African American Appalachian Community.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4085-3.

Daniels, Maurice C. Saving the Soul of Georgia: Donald Hollowell and the Struggle for Civil Rights. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4596-3.

Daugherity, Brian J., and Brian Grogan, eds.  A Little Child Shall Lead Them:  A Documentary Account of the Struggle for School Desegregation in Prince Edward County, Virginia.  University of Virginia Press.  978-0-8139-4272-8.

Deutch, David.  Understanding Jim Grimsley.  University of South Carolina Press.  978-1-61117-929-3.

Diffley, Kathleen, and Benjamin Fagan, eds.  Visions of Glory:  The Civil War in Word and Image.  University of Georgia Press.  978-0-8203-5593-1.

Duffy, Timothy.  Blue Muse:  Timothy Duffy’s Southern Photographs.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4826-2.

Eamon, Tom. The Making of a Southern Democracy: North Carolina Politics From Kerr Scott to Pat McCrory. University of North Carolina Press. 978-1-4696-0697-2.

Farmer-Kaiser, Mary, and Shannon Frystak, eds.  Louisiana Women, Their Lives and Times – Volume 2.  9780820342702.

Flanagan, Christine, ed., The Letters of Flannery O’Connor and Caroline Gordon.  University of Georgia Press.  978-0-8203-5408-8.

Gallagher, Garry W., and J. Matthew Gallman.  Civil War Places:  Seeing the Conflict through the Eyes of Its Leading Historians.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4953-5.

Gerard, Philip.  The Last Battleground:  The Civil War Comes to North Carolina.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4956-6.

Gladney, Margaret Rose, and Lisa Hodgens, eds.  A Lillian Smith Reader. University of Georgia Press.  978-0-8203-4999-2.

Grem, Darren E., Ted Ownby, and James G. Thomas, Jr., eds.  Southern Religion, Southern Culture:  Essays Honoring Charles Reagan Wilson.  University Press of Mississippi.  978-1-4968-2047-1.

Hadden, Sally E. and Patricia Hagler Minter, eds. Signposts: New Directions in Southern Legal History. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4499-7.

Hale, Grace Elizabeth.  Cool Town:  How Athens, Georgia, Launched Alternative Music and Changed American Culture.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5487-4.

Harjo, Laura.  Spiral to the Stars:  Mvskoke Tools of Futurity.  University of Arizona Press.  978-0-8165-3801-0.

Harris, Alex, and Margaret Sartor, eds.  Dream of a House:  The Passions and Preoccupations of Reynolds Price.  University of Virginia Press.  978-1-9380-8649-6.

Hawkins, Karen M.  Everybody’s Problem:  The War on Poverty in Eastern North Carolina.  University Press of Florida.  978-0-8130-5497-1.

Hess, Earl J.  Fighting for Atlanta:  Tactics, Terrain, and Trenches in the Civil War.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4342-7.

Howell, Jeffery B.  Hazel Brannon Smith:  The Female Crusading Scalawag.  University Press of Mississippi.  978-1-4968-1079-3.

Ingram, Jessica.  Road Through Midnight:  A Civil Rights Memorial.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5423-2.

Jeffries, Judson L., ed. The Black Panther Party: In a City Near You. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-5197-1.

Jones, Jennifer A.  The Browning of the New South.  University of Chicago Press.  978-0-226-60098-7.

Jordan, Jim. The Slave-Trader’s Letter-Book: Charles Lamar, The Wanderer, and Other Tales of the African Slave Trade. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-5196-4.

Jovanovic, Spoma, ed.  Expression in Contested Public Spaces:  Free Speech and Civic Engagement.  Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield.  9781793630933.

Kelbaugh, Ross J. Maryland’s Civil War Photographs: The Sesquicentennial Collection. Maryland Historical Society. 978-0-9842135-1-1.

Kierner, Cynthia A., and Sandra G. Treadway, eds.  Virginia Women:  Their Lives and Times.  Volume I.  University of Georgia Press.  978-0-8203-4263-4.

Kreyling, Michael. A Late Encounter with the Civil War. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4657-8.

Lancaster, Guy.  American Atrocity:  The Types of Violence in Lynching.  University of Arkansas Press.  978-1-68226-186-6.

Lindsay, Debra J.  Maria Martin’s World:  Art & Science, Faith & Family in Audubon’s America.  University of Alabama Press.  978-0-8173-1951-9.

Link, William A. Atlanta Cradle of the New South: Race and Remembering in the Civil War’s Aftermath. University of North Carolina Press. 978-1-4696-0776-4.

Lowe, John Wharton, ed.  Calypso Magnolia:  The Crosscurrents of Caribbean and Southern Literature.  University of North Carolina Press.  ISBN:  9781469628882.

McCarroll, Meredith. Un-White: Appalachia, Race, and Film. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-5362-3.

McGuire, Jack B.  Win the Race or Die Trying:  Uncle Earl’s Last Hurrah.  University Press of Mississippi.  978-1-4968-0763-2.

McKinney, Gordon B. Henry W. Blair’s Campaign to Reform America: From the Civil War to the U.S. Senate. University Press of Kentucky. 978-0-8131-4087-2.

Mitchell, Dennis J.  A New History of Mississippi.  University Press of Mississippi.  978-1-61703-976-8.

Mixon, Gregory.  Show Thyself a Man:  Georgia State Troops, Colored, 1865-1905.  University Press of Florida.  978-0-8130-6272-3.

Monroe, Stephen M. Heritage and Hate: Old South Rhetoric at Southern Universities. University of Alabama Press. 978-0-8173-2093-5.

Morris, J. Brent, ed.  Yes, Lord, I Know the Road:  A Documentary History of African Americans in South Carolina, 1526-2008.  University of South Carolina Press.  978-1-61117-731-2.

Neri, Janice, Tara Nummedal, and John V. Calhoun.  John Abbot & William Swainson:  Art, Science, and Commerce in Nineteenth-Century Natural History Illustration.  University of Alabama Press.  978-0-8173-2013-3.

Nunnally, Thomas E., ed. Speaking of Alabama: The History, Diversity, Function, and Change of Language. University of Alabama Press. 978-0-8173-1993-9.

Olliff, Martin T.  Getting Out of the Mud:  The Alabama Good Roads Movement and Highway Administration, 1898-1928.  University of Alabama Press.  9780817319557.

Paredes, J. Anthony and Judith Knight, eds. Red Eagle’s Children: Weatherford vs Weatherford et al. University of Alabama Press. 978-0-8173-1770-6.

Peeples, Edward H., with Nancy MacLean.  Scalawag:  A White Southerner’s Journey Through Segregation to Human Rights Activism.  University of Virginia Press.  978-0-8139-3539-3.

Picone, Michael D., and Catherine Evans Davies, eds.  New Perspectives on Language Variety in the South:  Historical and Contemporary Approaches.  University of Alabama Press.  978-0-8173-1815-4.

Pleasants, Julian M.  Home Front:  North Carolina During World War II.  University Press of Florida.  ISBN:  978-0-8130-5425-4.

Rankin, Tom. One Place: Paul Kwilecki and Four Decades of Photographs from Decatur County, Georgia.University of North Carolina Press. 978-1-4696-0740-5.

Reardon, Carol, and Tom Vossler.  A Field Guide to Antietam:  Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places and People.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-3020-5.

Reardon, Carol, and Tom Vossler.  A Field Guide to Gettysburg:  Experiencing the Battlefield through Its History, Places, and People.  Second Edition.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-3336-7.

Reaser, Jeffrey, Eric Wilbanks, Karissa Wojcik, and Walt Wolfram.  Language Variety in the New South:  Contemporary Perspectives on Change and Variation.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-3880-5.

Robertson, Henry O.  The Red River Campaign and Its Toll:  69 Bloody Days in Louisiana, March-May 1864.  McFarland and Company, Inc., Publishers.  9781476663784.

Robertson, William Glenn.  River of Death:  The Chickamauga Campaign.  Volume One.  The Fall of Chattanooga. University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4312-0.

Romine, Scott, and Jennifer Rae Greeson.  Keywords for Southern Studies.  University of Georgia Press.  978-0-8203-4962-6.

Sartor, Margaret, and Alex Harris, eds.  Where We Find Ourselves:  The Photographs of Hugh Mangum, 1897-1922.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-4831-6.

Schafer, Daniel L. Thunder on the River: The Civil War in Northeast Florida. University Press of Florida.  978-0-8130-3419-5.

Shelton, Allen C. Where the North Sea Touches Alabama. University of Chicago Press. 978-0-226-07322-4.

Sheppard, Jonathan C. By the Noble Daring of Her Sons: The Florida Brigade of the Army of Tennessee. University of Alabama Press. 978-0-8173-1707-2.

Smith, Jon. Finding Purple America: The South and the Future of American Cultural Studies. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4526-0.

Snyder, Jeffrey Aaron. Making Black History: The Color Line, Culture, and Race in the Age of Jim Crow. University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-5283-1.

Swindall, Lindsey R. The Path to the Greater, Freer, Truer World: Southern Civil Rights and Anticolonialism, 1937-1955. Universirty Press of Florida. 978-0-8130-4922-2.

Tarter, Brent.  A Saga of the New South:  Race, Law, and Public Debt in Virginia.  University of Virginia Press.  978-0-8139-3877-6.

Tell, Dave.  Remembering Emmett Till.  University of Chicago Press.  918-0-226-55953-7.

Tise, Larry E.  Circa 1903:  North Carolina’s Outer Banks at the Dawn of Flight.  University of North Carolina Press.  978-1-4696-5114-9.

Waid, Candace. The Signifying Eye: Seeing Faulkner’s Art.  University of Georgia Press. 978-0-8203-4316-7.

Weiss, Brad.  Real Pigs:  Shifting Values in the Field of Local Pork.  Duke University Press.  978-0-8223-6157-2.

Wiggins, Sarah Woolfolk and Ruth Smith Truss, eds. The Journal of Sarah Haynsworth Gayle, 1827 – 1855: A Substitute for Social Intercourse. University of Alabama Press. 978-0-8173-1333-3.